About Me

I first got into my arty groove in 2007 during my maternity leave following the birth of my first little star, Billy.  I made things with inspiring and uplifting messages on, such as bespoke canvases with layered art, and other individual handmade pieces.

Getting positive feedback along with orders from family and friends got me thinking this could be a lovely way of making a living. I soon decided it would be a better work/life  balance for me than continuing in my career as a primary school teacher .  Even though I loved teaching,  it just didn’t feel right to me going back to it once I had a new little person to love and nurture at home. A year later I was pregnant with my second little star, Seb. So the next four years was spent being a stay at home mummy to my two boys, whilst continuing to make things and run craft stalls here and there.

Inspirational Art was officially born in November 2013 after Seb started school. My talented & creative husband, Christian, is a Photoshop guru and taught me the basics to get me started in creating my own digital prints. Since then I have learned lots of new skills, mainly through trial and error. I use a mixture of hand drawn pictures along with digital designs to create my end product. 

It doesn't seem right to call what I do ‘work', I completely love doing this for a living, it just doesn't feel like work at all. I bought a framed print years ago which said ‘Live What You Love.’ Well, I am truly living that life, I took the leap back in 2007 and I've never looked back. I encourage you to discover what you love to do and find a way to make it into a living too, remember, where there’s a will and a wish, there’s a way! 

I strongly believe that what you think, read and hear totally affects the quality of your life so the aim of my artwork is to bring inspiring messages of love, hope, dreams and positivity into people's lives and homes. 

Love & blessings  
Michaela x